HW #5

Hey guys hopefully today’s class section helped you to further understand how WordPress works and how to interpret the tutorial. I’ve attached some links below that will hopefully aid you in completing this week’s homework. For this week, finish going through the tutorial, create all of the theme files, and begin modifying the CSS. Your CSS designs can be simple, but should indicate clear ideas about layout. I want a simple wireframe mockup of what you’d like your layout to look like in addition to working CSS that reflects some of that design.

DELIVERABLES: (should be in 1 zip file)

  • Theme folder containing your PHP and CSS files
  • (1)  JPEG OR (1) PDF of a mockup of your blog design
  • (1) screenshot of the current theme design progress OR a link to the blog online with your current theme design progress

If you have any questions add them to this post – the earlier you send me questions the more help I can provide. I expect everyone to be at this point by next class. I will not take the time to go through the material again and will expect assignments to be submitted.

[ ThemeShaper Tutorial ]
[ index.php (with my comments – right click and ‘Save Link As’ to save file) ]
[ ThemeShaper Files on Google Code ]
[ ThemeShaper Styles on Google Code ]

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